We explore the imperfect future


helping brands, companies and consumers people
identify, develop and accelerate opportunities
in the intersection of new media and internet culture
to build better futures, together.



Another Something and Company (English) PSFK (English)Yorokobu (Spanish)Ràdio4 - RNE (Spanish audio)PulsoSocial (English)CoolhunterMX (Spanish)

Some #wabisabian projects


About us

wabi·sabi lab is a not-obvious strategic foresight co.
exploring the imperfect Future to build better ones.

The term wabi·sabi refers to the beauty of imperfection in japanese culture. We have adopted this concept to describe the complexity, chaos and uncertainty of our networked societies, helping our clients and partners to develop agile, open and not-obvious mindsets, tools and projects.

We think that the best way to build better futures together is sharing knowledge and tools. For this reason, we collaborate with a random selection of collectives and individuals around the globe, helping our clients and partners unlearn, evolve and adapt, reframing questions, uncovering assumptions and identifying opportunities to give more people a broadband access to better futures.


wabi·sabi lab is a laboratory by definition, so our favorite way to explore the future is to build it, test it and play with it. Some experiments fail, others evolve and most of them just feed the creative process we develop with our clients and partners.

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Imperfect Futures S.L.
Barcelona. 2015